fools rush in where angels fear to tread

i need you.   silent makers of the wind breaks open miniature flasks of happy tortures blooming in unopened sunlight, smiles forcefully turn ripped pages these many chapters write their own books and bluebirds capture uneasy tears flowing from deep waters a thousand sunsets wouldn’t explain this darkness in beauty the falling sky decides nextContinue reading “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

this is how you make me feel…

suffocated from warm milk chewing on my own tongue deaf from hind sight chest ripped apart swallowed likeness, moving notions. i hate you. smile when i break my own heart thinking that perhaps i can win you over somehow. i keep finding myself in moments where i might catch you, but instead find you lookingContinue reading “this is how you make me feel…”


i am remembering… in the stiffness of early morning, i feel your hands slowly reaching, warm around my waist. you pull me closer and in my slumber i fold, giving into your gesture. bodies twisted in blankets and pillows, i feel you closer to me now. breath warm against my neck as we fit together likeContinue reading “spine”

not likely

dim lights suffering exposure to high energy.  emotions. spend your time under covers to wait. not a likely story for future reference. but stay patient, as much as it’s a virtue, just wait. notice, though, as minutes pass, these words are cheap and are leaving you in solid definition to steer clear. notice that thisContinue reading “not likely”

while you are away

i am sleeping greedily. the bed, my fortress. and i spread out big upon it. the pillows surround me, keep me safe. and cozy… but the mornings are still too cold. they miss the warmth that is you. i don’t eat as much. too occupied with anything but food, it’s not fun cooking for one.Continue reading “while you are away”

deep waters, unfinished

fractured line of reasoning. sedated, swimming in deep waters. these are my waves, my hidden corals, my seeking riptides. and all that i am afraid of, all that i enjoy sleeps with me in the heavy currents. when the blues and the purples match my skin tone, i know that its consumed me. and whileContinue reading “deep waters, unfinished”

be mine, like a dirty valentine

be my happy moments. be my sunny day, easy breezy that opens me alive, be my cool stream along the slick rocks, my green path. the brightness of daybreak be my laughing child. be my warm embraces, crack the world open, be my forgotten love note and leave me with wet kisses, touch me inContinue reading “be mine, like a dirty valentine”