covered in thoughts
comfortable in my sheets
my mind wanders. lingers
vibrates in the madness of you.
and when i hear the sweet sound of footsteps
i imagine they are yours coming straight to my door
i imagine your silhouette at my bed

imagination has a terrifying way of taking over me.
enough to dig deep
bring on the wetness
sink into the best dirty.

enraptured, i let myself get captured in every sense
the best thought
the best feel
the best urge that owns itself
takes over me
touches me
fulfills me.

and in the sweetness of imagination,
i find myself falling into the





in sleepless nights

hungry bodies grow tiresome

as you grow tiresome too.

an exchange of love between the two of you.

your eyes meet often

blink quickly with one another.

the shots of life that pierce between each breath

you give reason to each moment that we hold ourselves in.

fractured line of reasoning. sedated, swimming in deep waters.

these are my waves, my hidden corals, my seeking riptides.

and all that i am afraid of, all that i enjoy sleeps with me in the heavy currents.

when the blues and the purples match my skin tone, i know that its consumed me.

and while i sink quiet and silent, i know the pause is important, so i pay close attention.

and as i give in to display my likeness, its coolness brings resonance.


inhaling to become one. i feel alive.

all of a sudden- it fills me enough to be complete. and its okay. for once.

its alright with me.

i am not what you make of me. i fight hard not to let it break me down.

for once, just this once, i am enough.

so let it be. let these words describe the inside.

make the change if you feel so, swim deep inside here where its dark and wet and warm and slick.

if not, take notes, learn something new, and cut the lifeline.

and in all this time, i belong to you. in every minute i think of this. and your coolness kills me slowly.

quiet moments find me soft in the stream of lights, forcing their presence through the cracks in the blinds.

sleepy eyes turned watery eyes, dreamy eyes falling quietly back asleep. in the comfort of your security blanket. arms wrapped perfectly around my waist, up around my chest, your hand holds me tight.

the morning brings a slight chill that comes in the beginning,

and with our bodies close, you keep me warmer still..

in my dreams i find you again, with the sunny day broken and spread across you. and like the ocean’s breeze, you move me..

such a glutton for punishment.

it will never grow tiresome, this struggle to make you love me.

after many afternoons pass me under my closed eyes,

i can feel the tiny knots in my stomach growing stronger..

and i find my rest is necessary.

some sort of service to myself and everyone else.

a ceremony to bring new light to your unforeseen bother.

when i wake, the music helps

isolated, and able to lay it out.

slowly. and quiet.

and when i hear the snap of the key at the front door.

i know i will find you, willing and lovable again.

redeeming all actions with every bit of gentleness.

and your influence will prove to be lusty once more.

with perfect timing.

you’re the unexpected.

a light shining in a cold, dark room.

you’re the blessing.

frightening and needed,

slowly penetrating the core of my heart

i anxiously wait for each minute,

when i can see this picture more clearly.

hoping and wanting more of you,

this insight consumes.

unlikely in the beginning, i was lukewarm and distant, wasting minutes on myself.

but persistence showed efforts and slowly this igloo around my heart began to melt

you’re the face that i sleep to dream about.

surprising me with every minute i’m with you.