covered in thoughts comfortable in my sheets my mind wanders. lingers vibrates in the madness of you. and when i hear the sweet sound of footsteps i imagine they are yours coming straight to my door i imagine your silhouette at my bed imagination has a terrifying way of taking over me. enough to digContinue reading “covered”

deep waters, unfinished

fractured line of reasoning. sedated, swimming in deep waters. these are my waves, my hidden corals, my seeking riptides. and all that i am afraid of, all that i enjoy sleeps with me in the heavy currents. when the blues and the purples match my skin tone, i know that its consumed me. and whileContinue reading “deep waters, unfinished”

signs of september

quiet moments find me soft in the stream of lights, forcing their presence through the cracks in the blinds. sleepy eyes turned watery eyes, dreamy eyes falling quietly back asleep. in the comfort of your security blanket. arms wrapped perfectly around my waist, up around my chest, your hand holds me tight. the morning bringsContinue reading “signs of september”

thursday in june

such a glutton for punishment. it will never grow tiresome, this struggle to make you love me. after many afternoons pass me under my closed eyes, i can feel the tiny knots in my stomach growing stronger.. and i find my rest is necessary. some sort of service to myself and everyone else. a ceremonyContinue reading “thursday in june”