the smell of you soaks my wine glass.

fresh still the next day.  strangers passed me by and i swore it could be you…

that was my faith hoping…


so here i sit, coming to my own conclusions of you and i.  relaxing at the thoughts of

time changing everything.

and i find myself in no need to worry

because i still feel you.

allowing myself to slowly pour it out.

Finally.                                     Relief.

How could i have ever stopped?

this and you.

heart tells me time will show its truth.

dim lights suffering exposure to high energy.  emotions.

spend your time under covers to wait. not a likely story for future reference.

but stay patient, as much as it’s a virtue, just wait.

notice, though, as minutes pass, these words are cheap and are leaving you in solid definition to steer clear.

notice that this waiting is leading to substantial neglect.  it’s your own time.

this is something you cannot bear.

so you should make up your mind soon. be with others or be mine.

don’t ask much, but respect of moments.

i could…

give you space. leave you be, work on my own and deny this feeling. i could..

be practical, work on assets, believe in tomorrow like it were worth ten million, or i could believe in  you, worth more than words.


time passes and this meaning is clear, lights brighten, and hope for movement.   your eyes my only delight.  your touch my only fracture. i leave it to be something that never was, something that never happened.  something that was imagination. something like love.

and the only time i can cooperate

the only time i will give it up is if you hurt me. torture me. put nails through my spine.

watch the blood leave nothing but words behind.


silent keeper of the quiet riot.

you believe in your moment.


and the only time i give up is yours.

the lonely lifestyle of you and me. beat to the core. so what’s left behind?




but a fragment of heart beats.. that don’t speak.