These vibrations move too deep.
Looking for the core, I’m looking for the warmth.
I’m swimming deep, pushing away the fears
Breathing water, I bloom in the comfort.

Enrapture me in your culprit device,  Keep me safe from my own demise.

Ugh the senses love to take over me,
Imagination caught with serendipity.

I can’t win, this I know.
And with every day, these seasons grow.

Sweet symphony, you’re a cause to blame,
As I strike my cord in this silly game.


You’re right. I’m insatiable.

I move through my days with an altered want.

Never feeling whole, always wanting more.

I’m hungry. I’m aching.

I’m disquiet in sensibility. And I hide it so well.

I’m ambiguous. I’m distraught. I’m fiery with wet imagination.
I’m breathing deep trying to pull you closer.

I’m a mess. Cultivated in all my senses so that no one else can see it. No one else can feel it.

I’m choosing the road of oblivion.

The summer breeze brought the sweet feel of you
Gliding across my skin.

Weakened to the knees.
Slow breath.
Slight touch.

And with the twinkling sound of leaves
My hearts pushing, legs grasping.
Full of memory.

Hums of machines move past me, back and forth. And back again.

Our silhouettes hide between the space.
Quietly maneuvering.
Constantly behaving.
And so tired.

this mind never corrupts.

Eyes close in the ache of a constant crave.
I’m remembering your touch.

Delicate but deliberate.

Remembering your face, quintessentially beautiful.

Remembering the feel, mind open… Body’s open.

Remembering your taste, salty and sweet.

It’s such a smooth collide.

I know not what you want from me,
As I become a beggar lustfully crawling for you.

Wanting you to make my psyche your home.

You took my hand. Cold and anxious it was.

It was desperate and honest.
You lead me to a door, to the waiting room, fed me bits of you, questioned my beliefs, desired my body, built my want.
You took me to that room, leaving me there hungry for more.

Always wanting more.

Grasping for more.

You sat me down and glanced at me, my eager eyes waiting for your next play.
You’ve left me wet with a hungry desire.

I’ve never felt the fiend like this before.

I’m done. You’ve won.

when dawn ended, the sun spilled on my face

soft in the pillows of you,

the warmth shined in that space, it broke its way into that room.

soaked me warmer than i already felt

laying there close enough to feel you.

eyes blinking, sleepily waking, feeling and touching.

reaching further into you,

reaching to find myself.

the sun brought me your morning,

blissful in the moment,

lovely to find.

simulative fingers feel pain,

as you hear your own heart beat,

as you imagine crawling… climbing up and out.

you stop.

you look down at your own hands as they hold each other,

wrapping each other,

soothing each other,

as if your knuckles would have been bleeding.

you sit.

what an imaginative world we play.

with all the heart ache, and all that pain.

you find yourself sitting, playing, praying, hoping.

you find it.  in all this while,

it’s been quietly waiting for you to realize

everything you have already known.

it’s almost like the light turned on.

it’s the funny sound that the fan makes when you’re right below it.

a sweet pitched twitch that lets you hear maneuver.

that quiet reminder you’re only a vibration with electric matter.

you.  are.  electric, baby.

and i want to give you my plug.

we move in slow motion

with built up behavior that leaves us nothing

but confusion and desire.

we slip through dark nights

hiding the fire that melts us together.

we fall into silence, these moments with eyes connected

and blooming

all the need

all the denial

all the question of what should be’s and could have’s.

then you leave me cold in a question mark,

wrapped up sheets.

weak in your hands that walk away from me.