time never fails to remind in the quiet hours, in the still nights you realize all that swirls around you. you’re the gravitational pull you want to be. so remember that. reflect on all that you’ve overcome. envision everything you are determined to make happen. don’t let go. of good thoughts, good surroundings, good people.Continue reading “Untitled”


i am remembering… in the stiffness of early morning, i feel your hands slowly reaching, warm around my waist. you pull me closer and in my slumber i fold, giving into your gesture. bodies twisted in blankets and pillows, i feel you closer to me now. breath warm against my neck as we fit together likeContinue reading “spine”

warm glow, solitude

straight to the head. blurry blind. forgetful fool. you should remember better. like a warm coat, it feeds. instead you walk blind. talking and talking to everyone but you . delirious and drunk in the moment. a stupid movement. a numbing drive home. an empty love nest. with a warm glowing, solitude. and i wantContinue reading “warm glow, solitude”