be mine, like a dirty valentine

be my happy moments. be my sunny day, easy breezy that opens me alive,

be my cool stream along the slick rocks,

my green path. the brightness of daybreak

be my laughing child. be my warm embraces, crack the world open,

be my forgotten love note and leave me with wet kisses,

touch me in the warm light. chilling fingertips that leave me with goosebumps.

i know that is what you are. so show it to me.

be my rosy cheeks, my numb limbs and my wet center. hold me tight and don’t let go. even when you should. even when you have to.

be my warm fire. my sucking tongue. be my clenched fist. my laughing matter. be my lonely lover, my sloppy swagger. my naughty dress up. my dirty polaroid. love me like i know you do.

be my salty wave break.  my grainy texture. be my blurred color line. just like i want it. my forgotten mathematician. the solvent to all that is good in me. just for me. show me that you need to.

i know that is what you are.. …

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