captured in my moments with you

i’ve never felt so consumed

and when you press your heart against me

mine beats harder trying to let you know how i feel


and when the morning comes

my thoughts bloom in memory of you

i’m always wanting more…

more eye contact

more touch

to feel

more love


this heart is lost in an emotion

it’s something only you can bring



crystal geyser,

i feel your rumble.

what began as a trickle is beating quickly against the walls of my heart.

looking for a quick escape in my eyes, i cant fight this feeling.

and as i search for the words i remember to stop.


shut the umbrella and let it pour up, out and down on me.

and with the help of the pit of my stomach, this love finds no solution.

so i lay in it. twirl my fingertips in the puddles

and while i am still and silent, the beating resides.

crystal geyser,

you leave me wet and lonely.