When the honey suckle leaves a distaste in my mouth,
I pull away and I open the window.
I gracefully pull closer the likeliness of wellbeing.
I let her in with the sweet smell of a fresh morning after a nights rain.
I greet her with open arms and an open heart.
I’ll openly satisfy her angst with nothing but warmth and attention.
Nothing but love and gratitude.
So bring it to me now, bring it to me before the window is closed again.

I do things for irreplaceable and devoted passion.
I do things with love and righteousness.
I do things with never feeling an ill intention, only light.
I do things because it feeds me.
Makes me wholesome.
I do things to believe again. And trust again.
I hold tight to that feel to nurture it and caress it.
To pull out that good good.
I do things because it’s what my instinct tells me to,
And it’s always whispering the right things.
I do it because I love myself.
I do it, never to be giving up again.

You are the better part of me…
Whether you like it or not.
You are the good strength. The softer half.
You keep my arrow straight. You keep me Direct.
You present to me the road I dont expect.
You show me the puddles I step in, the oceans I wade in.
You make me reflect.
And I wonder where to go from here.
Please be kind to me,

Keep showing me my weaknesses.


Feel it. Feel the love. The angst. The remorse.
And know you are here. And have no one but you.

Feel it.

Feel pain. Feel sorrow. Feel full.
Fall into it. Embrace that chaos.
Feel the cold wet air surround you and let it make you fall.

Fall into the deep. Fall into the question.
Fall into not knowing.

Just go.
Go there. Where it’s cold and shivery. It’s unlikely. And you’re alone.

Fall into not knowing what the next day might bring you.
And blossom. All alone.

Do you know what it’s like to be alone?
You should. Let it hold you. Let it nestle you.

Let it all be. And try to sleep.
:::And never wake up:::

In our eyes I’ll find the pools to want you to swim in.
Fluttering like a heart. Subtle. Gathering.

Movements bring a nestle to my mouth beat.
Sucking and slathering, twisting and turning…
Your tip.

I want you to be the one I can go to. I want you to be the light that enters all my dark spaces that are untouched and ready.

I want you to be my forever night call. I want you to be the place that is filled with happy moments and endless love.

I want you to bring me the moon. I want you to give me your heart to take care of and nurture.
I want to be the one you miss.

How does it feel to know I can’t stop thinking about you?

How does it feel to know my thoughts quietly wander in daydreams of our skin?
My mouth traveling from your mouth,
down your neck and your chest,
slowly stopping to kiss and tongue everywhere along the way.
Slowly making my way down,
as you caress all my curves.
Sweet smooth collide of hands, mouth, body.
I’ll crawl for you.
How does it feel to know I want you most?

Swirling in a whirlpool
My eyes can’t close, my eyes won’t fade.
I’m held in your grasp
Begging to gain strength.

I’m caught in a love jones
Separated by twos
Grasping for glory,
Only getting the blues.

I’m swirling. I’m feeling lost.
Mind frame keep me safe
At any cost.

Hold me now.
Give me peace.