When the honey suckle leaves a distaste in my mouth,
I pull away and I open the window.
I gracefully pull closer the likeliness of wellbeing.
I let her in with the sweet smell of a fresh morning after a nights rain.
I greet her with open arms and an open heart.
I’ll openly satisfy her angst with nothing but warmth and attention.
Nothing but love and gratitude.
So bring it to me now, bring it to me before the window is closed again.

looking for the why’s.

I do things for irreplaceable and devoted passion.
I do things with love and righteousness.
I do things with never feeling an ill intention, only light.
I do things because it feeds me.
Makes me wholesome.
I do things to believe again. And trust again.
I hold tight to that feel to nurture it and caress it.
To pull out that good good.
I do things because it’s what my instinct tells me to,
And it’s always whispering the right things.
I do it because I love myself.
I do it, never to be giving up again.

The blues

Swirling in a whirlpool
My eyes can’t close, my eyes won’t fade.
I’m held in your grasp
Begging to gain strength.

I’m caught in a love jones
Separated by twos
Grasping for glory,
Only getting the blues.

I’m swirling. I’m feeling lost.
Mind frame keep me safe
At any cost.

Hold me now.
Give me peace.


I have a place for you.
A special place that’s clear and warm and soft and smooth.

It’s waiting for you to come in and grab hold of me.

It breathes water, feeds fire, it nourishes.
It shows my secrets, it keeps your secrets.

It blossoms in the dusk and the dawn.
It feeds the hungry, it caresses all your pawns.

I have a place for you, if you could only show me your face.
Take off that mask and I’d happily show you my place.

We could be happy.

You bring the heat

It’s like the sky cracks open
and warm glowing lights spill out from between my legs with electric vibrations rushing through my veins,
pouring all over me,
all over you,
controlled by you,
only for you.
My breath is pulled out from my chest and I am taken to another planet,
all my senses erupt in ecstatic shivers filled with the best heat imaginable.
Your touch on me is magic.
I am surrounded by warm light.
And It’s heavenly.

when I feel raw

Sitting in silence
I lay dormant. Patient in my internal battle.
I’m listening, I hear it all. I’m seeing it all, even when I don’t want to.
I’m delicate. So soft now.
I’m realizing I may, one day, want more from you than you can give me. But why would I want to let go of something that feels so good?
I don’t want to set myself up for heartache and disappointment.
I don’t want to let go of so much magic.
So I set myself on fire, even when I shouldn’t.
Even when I know not to.
I burn quietly in the discomfort.
So I can rise again like the Phoenix I am.

But inside I’m screaming.