…the description of a likeness
i can’t quite find the words to explain.

you’re the pit fire of magic
i don’t even know how to make you believe it.

you’re an addiction i can’t, i won’t let go of
with this influence we hold against one another.

you’re the inflicter of what makes me hold pride inside
distinctive in my own actions where i fall fatefully with you.

you’re every cell i wish to love.

these angles have a good way of keeping me company

while everything else moves,

with the hums and the drums

the buzz of the night breaks through my windows

through the curtains that hide me away from it all.

these angles have a way of sparking lights in thoughts

a once upon a time,

and they bring fire.

they burn holes right through me.

all within a group of four broken walls

the ceiling has no way of keeping this inside.

and with perfect timing, fingertips build together

while still leaving want.

fractured line of reasoning. sedated, swimming in deep waters.

these are my waves, my hidden corals, my seeking riptides.

and all that i am afraid of, all that i enjoy sleeps with me in the heavy currents.

when the blues and the purples match my skin tone, i know that its consumed me.

and while i sink quiet and silent, i know the pause is important, so i pay close attention.

and as i give in to display my likeness, its coolness brings resonance.


inhaling to become one. i feel alive.

all of a sudden- it fills me enough to be complete. and its okay. for once.

its alright with me.

i am not what you make of me. i fight hard not to let it break me down.

for once, just this once, i am enough.

so let it be. let these words describe the inside.

make the change if you feel so, swim deep inside here where its dark and wet and warm and slick.

if not, take notes, learn something new, and cut the lifeline.

and in all this time, i belong to you. in every minute i think of this. and your coolness kills me slowly.

crystal geyser,

i feel your rumble.

what began as a trickle is beating quickly against the walls of my heart.

looking for a quick escape in my eyes, i cant fight this feeling.

and as i search for the words i remember to stop.


shut the umbrella and let it pour up, out and down on me.

and with the help of the pit of my stomach, this love finds no solution.

so i lay in it. twirl my fingertips in the puddles

and while i am still and silent, the beating resides.

crystal geyser,

you leave me wet and lonely.