deep waters, unfinished

fractured line of reasoning. sedated, swimming in deep waters.

these are my waves, my hidden corals, my seeking riptides.

and all that i am afraid of, all that i enjoy sleeps with me in the heavy currents.

when the blues and the purples match my skin tone, i know that its consumed me.

and while i sink quiet and silent, i know the pause is important, so i pay close attention.

and as i give in to display my likeness, its coolness brings resonance.


inhaling to become one. i feel alive.

all of a sudden- it fills me enough to be complete. and its okay. for once.

its alright with me.

i am not what you make of me. i fight hard not to let it break me down.

for once, just this once, i am enough.

so let it be. let these words describe the inside.

make the change if you feel so, swim deep inside here where its dark and wet and warm and slick.

if not, take notes, learn something new, and cut the lifeline.

and in all this time, i belong to you. in every minute i think of this. and your coolness kills me slowly.

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