we move in slow motion

with built up behavior that leaves us nothing

but confusion and desire.

we slip through dark nights

hiding the fire that melts us together.

we fall into silence, these moments with eyes connected

and blooming

all the need

all the denial

all the question of what should be’s and could have’s.

then you leave me cold in a question mark,

wrapped up sheets.

weak in your hands that walk away from me.

captured in my moments with you

i’ve never felt so consumed

and when you press your heart against me

mine beats harder trying to let you know how i feel


and when the morning comes

my thoughts bloom in memory of you

i’m always wanting more…

more eye contact

more touch

to feel

more love


this heart is lost in an emotion

it’s something only you can bring



scattered on the floor,

legs bare

eyes closed, i lose my sense in images.

the warm glow of light supports my every move

a lustful crawl

to get closer

to you.

be my naughty moment.

be everything

be nothing i can have.

for you,

i’ll bare all of me.

what i couldn’t say to want you less.

it’s a surplus to give you more…

you give and i take.

all that is lust

comes in all that we want.

what i wouldn’t give…

to give you more.

proud scamp.  dirtier than content.

what i wouldn’t give to give you less

as you take and i give.

all that is want

comes in all that we need.

comes in all that we take.

what i wouldn’t give…

to give you more.

dim lights suffering exposure to high energy.  emotions.

spend your time under covers to wait. not a likely story for future reference.

but stay patient, as much as it’s a virtue, just wait.

notice, though, as minutes pass, these words are cheap and are leaving you in solid definition to steer clear.

notice that this waiting is leading to substantial neglect.  it’s your own time.

this is something you cannot bear.

so you should make up your mind soon. be with others or be mine.

don’t ask much, but respect of moments.

i could…

give you space. leave you be, work on my own and deny this feeling. i could..

be practical, work on assets, believe in tomorrow like it were worth ten million, or i could believe in  you, worth more than words.


time passes and this meaning is clear, lights brighten, and hope for movement.   your eyes my only delight.  your touch my only fracture. i leave it to be something that never was, something that never happened.  something that was imagination. something like love.

be my happy moments. be my sunny day, easy breezy that opens me alive,

be my cool stream along the slick rocks,

my green path. the brightness of daybreak

be my laughing child. be my warm embraces, crack the world open,

be my forgotten love note and leave me with wet kisses,

touch me in the warm light. chilling fingertips that leave me with goosebumps.

i know that is what you are. so show it to me.

be my rosy cheeks, my numb limbs and my wet center. hold me tight and don’t let go. even when you should. even when you have to.

be my warm fire. my sucking tongue. be my clenched fist. my laughing matter. be my lonely lover, my sloppy swagger. my naughty dress up. my dirty polaroid. love me like i know you do.

be my salty wave break.  my grainy texture. be my blurred color line. just like i want it. my forgotten mathematician. the solvent to all that is good in me. just for me. show me that you need to.

i know that is what you are.. …

so gloomy my spirit soaks the pain up. straight on the rocks.


i say one thing and you hear the other. and i feel you pick a scab that was never really there. defendant at loss, i always fight back. the tough skin on me knows nothing else. you surely can relate..


clear thoughts cant tame the sharp tongue in our heat of moments. jabbing, stabbing, and sick with myself. i curb the enthusiasm and feel almost shameful.


and when the coast becomes clear, i keep trying to balance the angst you and i may share. but sometimes the teeter totters too much to our left and the ebb and flow of you and i are wrecked a mess.


silly game, we never can win. so we separate emotions to cover the hole that we’re in.

in your movements, i steal quiet moments alone with you.

you don’t see them, you rarely notice.

but i like to hide weak in your strength when i can.

because sometimes i feel. sometimes i hide soft for you to discover.

because sometimes my skin tightens for you to notice.

lips wet, eyes glisten.

muscles loose enough for you to reach right in and hold me.


in the quiet of the night, my wheels spin.