while you are away

i am sleeping greedily. the bed, my fortress. and i spread out big upon it. the pillows surround me, keep me safe. and cozy… but the mornings are still too cold. they miss the warmth that is you.

i don’t eat as much. too occupied with anything but food, it’s not fun cooking for one. and i think of all the great things i might cook when you come back. then count the days with my fingers and realize they fit on two hands.

i think of the random things you’ve told me. how our dynamics have changed. and i realize how much i like to see you every day. and i wish i could see you now.

if only you could meet me here, in my fortress. away from the outside annoyances.

just for one afternoon. under the sheets.

i get lonely. my face long, i remember how i should smile more. and i raise my eyebrows in hopes of their encouragement. but it doesn’t work.

so instead, i agree to stay busy. write more.. . keep focus.

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