red is the color that draws me close to you. a desire uncomfortable enough to shy me away. it’s unlikely for a woman like me, you’re like poison. the deepest want that numbs my lips. control weakened by soul desire. the feeling of pushing myself away from all of this is unforgettable. and surprising. thisContinue reading “red”

what i wouldn’t

images flowing. inappropriate and thirsty. what i wouldn’t give to spend five minutes with you now. what i wouldn’t give to feel your hands all over me. the deepest of sighs bring me back into my place. away from the feeling.  away from my own thoughts. you’re like magic, creeping into every secret hiding space.Continue reading “what i wouldn’t”


38,000 feet altitude. nestled in the space that surrounds me with threes. eyes closed listening to the vibrations that filter through me. the surrounding buzz gives all the background that i need. a spirited destination awaits filled with love and playfulness, moody emotion, the quiet sullen that my mind needs, and the forcefulness to pushContinue reading “altitude”