You took my hand. Cold and anxious it was.

It was desperate and honest.
You lead me to a door, to the waiting room, fed me bits of you, questioned my beliefs, desired my body, built my want.
You took me to that room, leaving me there hungry for more.

Always wanting more.

Grasping for more.

You sat me down and glanced at me, my eager eyes waiting for your next play.
You’ve left me wet with a hungry desire.

I’ve never felt the fiend like this before.

I’m done. You’ve won.

we move in slow motion

with built up behavior that leaves us nothing

but confusion and desire.

we slip through dark nights

hiding the fire that melts us together.

we fall into silence, these moments with eyes connected

and blooming

all the need

all the denial

all the question of what should be’s and could have’s.

then you leave me cold in a question mark,

wrapped up sheets.

weak in your hands that walk away from me.

covered in thoughts
comfortable in my sheets
my mind wanders. lingers
vibrates in the madness of you.
and when i hear the sweet sound of footsteps
i imagine they are yours coming straight to my door
i imagine your silhouette at my bed

imagination has a terrifying way of taking over me.
enough to dig deep
bring on the wetness
sink into the best dirty.

enraptured, i let myself get captured in every sense
the best thought
the best feel
the best urge that owns itself
takes over me
touches me
fulfills me.

and in the sweetness of imagination,
i find myself falling into the





… lover.

take good care of my instinct

don’t let me let go of my fire.

bring me all that newness i call desire

bring it to me for however long i may keep you.

and when you release all that we feel

i’ll keep it safe in my vein.

this certain heat has become a part of me

and i’ll let it feed.


eyes close in the memory of you

fingers clench, my thoughts drift past imagination.

a touch i wait for, a kiss to explore the body of you, the body of me.

what a confusing way to end my day.

wanting.  yearning.

if only i could just tell you to give it to me.

give me all you’ve got.

i’ll hold it safe in my safest place.

quiet.  and wet.