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its compulsive. an open envelope.  blank for anyone. i realize what i am asking for. and you aren’t the first one welcome to burst a bubble,  maybe i just need…   funny feeling to leave me alone with my thoughts. quiet in the movement. gently in the notion.   bring it on to me.

a dark gloom against your back

… makes you notice things you never did before. the way the wind blows through everything. the consistent hum of the road. grumbling sounds of motorcyclist’s zooming by.  airplanes thunder in the sky. the way the clouds light up in the evening light. the hum of the wind and twinkling sound of the sun-kissed leaves.Continue reading “a dark gloom against your back”


Melody, I Play a fool to your passion filled lust.  There’s no reasoning, I just give.   Like a love sick manic, i am fulfilled.  Waiting patiently, I’m hoping that you’ll build me up.  Reason has a funny way of playing my heart.  Just waiting for the beat to grow tiresome.  I’ll always give you seconds.