The summer breeze brought the sweet feel of you
Gliding across my skin.

Weakened to the knees.
Slow breath.
Slight touch.

And with the twinkling sound of leaves
My hearts pushing, legs grasping.
Full of memory.

Hums of machines move past me, back and forth. And back again.

Our silhouettes hide between the space.
Quietly maneuvering.
Constantly behaving.
And so tired.

this mind never corrupts.

this heat inspires a pistol on fire

delicate in a cutting frame.

and you know

i can blame no one else but me.

on a pedestal of fabric,

make the aches grow weary

make your parts work for me.

oh god what can i become.  i enjoy this movement too much.

hopeless soul may never do good for you.

covered in thoughts
comfortable in my sheets
my mind wanders. lingers
vibrates in the madness of you.
and when i hear the sweet sound of footsteps
i imagine they are yours coming straight to my door
i imagine your silhouette at my bed

imagination has a terrifying way of taking over me.
enough to dig deep
bring on the wetness
sink into the best dirty.

enraptured, i let myself get captured in every sense
the best thought
the best feel
the best urge that owns itself
takes over me
touches me
fulfills me.

and in the sweetness of imagination,
i find myself falling into the





captured in my moments with you

i’ve never felt so consumed

and when you press your heart against me

mine beats harder trying to let you know how i feel


and when the morning comes

my thoughts bloom in memory of you

i’m always wanting more…

more eye contact

more touch

to feel

more love


this heart is lost in an emotion

it’s something only you can bring