you’re my addiction

breaking down the rules, tearing down the walls

feeding what hides inside

destroying all logic.

i need you.

can’t you see the discipline i give?

i pull it back and leave everything for you

rape the ideals, serve me pain

make me want all the bad in you that’s good to me.

i want you.

can’t you see?

you’re my obsession, i can never let go of this.

and if you want it, it’s yours.

so forget the doubt, just give me what you can

hung up my bets in the bedsheets
lustfully crawling knee by knee, hand by hand
straight to your favor.

the chillness in the air encourages sweat
and the touch of your hand causes goosebumps covering my entire body,
i flex in the caress of your fingertips.
and happily i look at you, eager to please. hungry from want. aching with need.

i bloom as a kitten in your glowing light
rolling and twisting,
just keep grasping for more

red is the color that draws me close to you.

a desire uncomfortable enough to shy me away.

it’s unlikely for a woman like me,

you’re like poison.

the deepest want that numbs my lips.

control weakened by soul desire.

the feeling of pushing myself away from all of this is unforgettable.

and surprising.

this is enrapturing ache that will never let me go.