on a dreary day. Overcast and cold to touch
That’s where I found the core of a soft spot
delicate to motion.
Scared to keep sensitive

This cool air made me nervous to change
Anxious to operate
Question my movement
Plans seem inaccurate.  Worrisome to ponder

I need to remember my strength.  Let go of what makes me feel powerless.
Know what I can do and the energy I hold.
Love my surroundings, the people that belong.
Make sacrifice.

There is a solid ground to hold me.
Cannot let go. Will not let go.
Can’t feel weak.  Distraught. Pained.
Can’t be questioned further.

Love me or leave.

in your movements, i steal quiet moments alone with you.

you don’t see them, you rarely notice.

but i like to hide weak in your strength when i can.

because sometimes i feel. sometimes i hide soft for you to discover.

because sometimes my skin tightens for you to notice.

lips wet, eyes glisten.

muscles loose enough for you to reach right in and hold me.


in the quiet of the night, my wheels spin.