in that sunbreak

when dawn ended, the sun spilled on my face soft in the pillows of you, the warmth shined in that space, it broke its way into that room. soaked me warmer than i already felt laying there close enough to feel you. eyes blinking, sleepily waking, feeling and touching. reaching further into you, reaching toContinue reading “in that sunbreak”

black goes to blue

all i see is a deep dark sky hidden with the silhouettes of blue. and the sweetest of lights highlight you. you’re a memory i wish would stay. and i know you enough to understand whats happening. but i fight back the feeling. i hold back the urge until i see you again… serendipitously. andContinue reading “black goes to blue”


Melody, I Play a fool to your passion filled lust.  There’s no reasoning, I just give.   Like a love sick manic, i am fulfilled.  Waiting patiently, I’m hoping that you’ll build me up.  Reason has a funny way of playing my heart.  Just waiting for the beat to grow tiresome.  I’ll always give you seconds.