when dawn ended, the sun spilled on my face

soft in the pillows of you,

the warmth shined in that space, it broke its way into that room.

soaked me warmer than i already felt

laying there close enough to feel you.

eyes blinking, sleepily waking, feeling and touching.

reaching further into you,

reaching to find myself.

the sun brought me your morning,

blissful in the moment,

lovely to find.

this heat inspires a pistol on fire

delicate in a cutting frame.

and you know

i can blame no one else but me.

on a pedestal of fabric,

make the aches grow weary

make your parts work for me.

oh god what can i become.  i enjoy this movement too much.

hopeless soul may never do good for you.

we move in slow motion

with built up behavior that leaves us nothing

but confusion and desire.

we slip through dark nights

hiding the fire that melts us together.

we fall into silence, these moments with eyes connected

and blooming

all the need

all the denial

all the question of what should be’s and could have’s.

then you leave me cold in a question mark,

wrapped up sheets.

weak in your hands that walk away from me.

you’re my addiction

breaking down the rules, tearing down the walls

feeding what hides inside

destroying all logic.

i need you.

can’t you see the discipline i give?

i pull it back and leave everything for you

rape the ideals, serve me pain

make me want all the bad in you that’s good to me.

i want you.

can’t you see?

you’re my obsession, i can never let go of this.

and if you want it, it’s yours.

so forget the doubt, just give me what you can

all i see is a deep dark sky hidden with the silhouettes of blue.
and the sweetest of lights highlight you.
you’re a memory i wish would stay.
and i know you enough to understand whats happening.

but i fight back the feeling.
i hold back the urge
until i see you again…
and then, you might be mine.
for just one night.
i can tell you everything i want.
all my secrets.

before all goes gray. before the black sky turns to blue.

then maybe all this will go away.
then maybe everything that is us will matter

hung up my bets in the bedsheets
lustfully crawling knee by knee, hand by hand
straight to your favor.

the chillness in the air encourages sweat
and the touch of your hand causes goosebumps covering my entire body,
i flex in the caress of your fingertips.
and happily i look at you, eager to please. hungry from want. aching with need.

i bloom as a kitten in your glowing light
rolling and twisting,
just keep grasping for more

what i couldn’t say to want you less.

it’s a surplus to give you more…

you give and i take.

all that is lust

comes in all that we want.

what i wouldn’t give…

to give you more.

proud scamp.  dirtier than content.

what i wouldn’t give to give you less

as you take and i give.

all that is want

comes in all that we need.

comes in all that we take.

what i wouldn’t give…

to give you more.

You’re like a salty wave that washes over me.

A naughty moment I can’t get out of my thoughts.

And when I know better, I still push past my limit.

I should stop, I need to stop.

But I won’t.

A little heat that soaks through my center.

I just want.

and I beg.

a black cover

that I hope you take advantage of.


I Play a fool to your passion filled lust. 

There’s no reasoning, I just give.  

Like a love sick manic,

i am fulfilled. 

Waiting patiently, I’m hoping that you’ll build me up. 

Reason has a funny way of playing my heart. 

Just waiting for the beat to grow tiresome. 

I’ll always give you seconds.