when dawn ended, the sun spilled on my face

soft in the pillows of you,

the warmth shined in that space, it broke its way into that room.

soaked me warmer than i already felt

laying there close enough to feel you.

eyes blinking, sleepily waking, feeling and touching.

reaching further into you,

reaching to find myself.

the sun brought me your morning,

blissful in the moment,

lovely to find.

Give me something to breathe in.

Something deeper than just the smell and taste of your skin.

I want something to reach for.

Want more than sweet vibrations that cascade around my body.

Play me a sweet sound.  Skin on skin, iridescent in sweat and saliva.

Bring me your kaleidoscope that bleeds colors so deep I can taste them.

come on baby, bring me to my knees.

I want someone that wants me always. No matter the difficulties, no matter the bridge to cross.

I want someone that’s not afraid of their burning desires.

Eagerly taking big steps to find the light at the end of an unknown tunnel.

I want to find and see and touch that bravery.

You are real, aren’t you?

And you’re somewhere out there looking for me too.

you remembered who i am, didn’t you?

not just an object of exploration,

but a reality with ties.

life loves to deliver us reminders.

notes dropped in a hat box full of possibilities.

all those hats just keep hiding, quietly.  patiently.

you don’t know the potential do you?

i’ll still wait for you to crack the flood line open full of distilled pleasures.

love likes to disappoint you over and over and once more for good measure.

glove compartment full of desire.

the feeling still lingering between my thighs.

one day i’ll bloom the case.