a light shining

you’re the unexpected.

a light shining in a cold, dark room.

you’re the blessing.

frightening and needed,

slowly penetrating the core of my heart

i anxiously wait for each minute,

when i can see this picture more clearly.

hoping and wanting more of you,

this insight consumes.

unlikely in the beginning, i was lukewarm and distant, wasting minutes on myself.

but persistence showed efforts and slowly this igloo around my heart began to melt

you’re the face that i sleep to dream about.

surprising me with every minute i’m with you.





pushing at the center,

it creeps up into my throat.

lodging itself until i can’t breathe anymore.

i found the problem tonight. burning a hole into the bed i lay in,

quiet enough to terrify my insides and sew my lips closed so that i could not verbalize a word.

tonight i cut myself off your phone call too soon.

tonight my heart ached and needed your arms to soothe the flawed.

tonight i’ll try to lower the fire.

water begins to boil,

and alienates me under the blankets.

keep me quiet.

it makes me hungry.

a post is a post

fibers stretch to reach each other..

colors blend with one another..

masks slip to show the feeling..

we choose to breathe on our own.

the sun shines to keep what’s living..

and night falls to free the eager

love reminds what falls beneath

constantly hiding behind our eyes.

so how do we end up where we’re standing?

the constant presence of your own choice

there’s no denying what was and what is..

a mind set on shoulders recalls them all.

those fibers pull to rip it’s seams.

bleeding colors, damaged water.

remember your shattered leaves, dancing branches, fallen trees.

sit awhile, rest is necessary.

we move like..

you make me complicated.. delicate… involved.

and my silence weakens our strength… moving through nonsense, the minutes roll by our dignity.  caught up in levels that burn the capacity.

washed away the solid foundation.. built on a pedestal, amounted to no good.  trouble maker. you mask the cause. revolved on a whim.  balanced by love. reflected by faults.  you built this.

and my silence found our humility.. moved through cautious minds, the hours see respect. let go of pages that depend on the next…  turn them…

“Getting bigger and sleeker
And wider and brighter
We bite and scratch and scream all night
Let’s go and throw
All the songs we know…”


i bloom in the texture of you.

make room for the moments to breathe

in your light and hide softly in its warmth.

hungry fingertips take all that you allow me to feel.

and i hide.

frozen eyes bleed for your nourishment and you fall softly into my presence.

keeping me cool and calming the waves.

moments that pass me keep be coming back, you leave me trails to find you again. these movements are raw. showing face for its truth, committed to you.

i find adoring revelations in the silence of your eyes.

with a chill that creates static,

creates flutter,

creates energy.

to move and be moved.



peachy pink glisten in the dimness of the light rests on my lips.  forbidden lovely draws me glances from the darkness of his eyes. this exchange feels necessary. a startling decision to eliminate the spaces between us.  eyelids flutter to capture your notions. if only you could see me.. ..

falls colors separated the seams to make room for a new beginning. closer now, i’m closer. this bloodstream never felt warmer than it does near your fire. safe almost, though knowingly this fire could melt my walls, i nervously work overtime to calm our senses. delicate and righteous.  falling from rooftops, i land on my heart

i end too soon to always start again..