peachy pink glisten in the dimness of the light rests on my lips.  forbidden lovely draws me glances from the darkness of his eyes. this exchange feels necessary. a startling decision to eliminate the spaces between us.  eyelids flutter to capture your notions. if only you could see me.. ..

falls colors separated the seams to make room for a new beginning. closer now, i’m closer. this bloodstream never felt warmer than it does near your fire. safe almost, though knowingly this fire could melt my walls, i nervously work overtime to calm our senses. delicate and righteous.  falling from rooftops, i land on my heart

i end too soon to always start again..

One thought on “heater

  1. So Beautiful….You grasp the words right from your heart with such intense emotion only those reading your words could read what you are saying over and over…

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