rushing into it, i’m running for your presence. delicate in the texture of fingertips, i shine to meet the preference. just give it to me, give me what i need now. imagine the life set, open arms follow sunny embraces.  i can almost feel the reassurance, like honey all over me.  enveloped in the idea, it’s you and me lover. i’m all yours.  so touch me now and keep me quiet. you’re the mystery i want to solve, and you make me less complicated somehow. so keep me calm and keep me loved. my eyelids flutter, trying to contain the waves..  all on you, my likeness breathes wetness. and the shivers deliver constant reminders. aching for your content. it’s consuming, and i wouldn’t change this for the world. unimaginable turns solid underneath you. this is necessary. you become my future, my little argument, changed and content, driven to live up to this higher level, i become innovative.  this is something i believe in.  so i’ll keep it safe, i’ll protect you now.. in this…

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