Until then

I can be in love twenty one times and it doesn’t matter.

Because when I look at you, my heart splits and my soul expands.

And in that factor, I’ll give what you ask me to.

I am ready for your warmth, patient for your glorification.

it happens to the best of us

You were a great experiment.
One that I constantly looked forward to learning more about, reaching further into, building with.

But you grew cold so quick, it left my psyche bruised.
My interest losing its spark, feeling a little used.

You were so glorious in the moments,
I was eager to please,
But you pushed away,
Almost gracefully it now seems.

A lovers bliss is hard to hold,
So I bashfully fumbled, ungratefully sold to you.

i feed.

Keep me sharp lover.
Take care of my instinct,
Don’t let me let go of my fire.
Bring that newness of desire,
For however long I may keep you.

And when you release that feel…
I’ll keep it safe in my vein.
A certain heat that’s become a part of me.
And I’ll feed.

Always and Increasingly

Softly spoken
Eyes wide open
Hearts telling her the story to hear.

Legs bare, chest bare
Guarded in that knowing stare
Hearts telling her all the secrets she already knew.

Body still
With curves that kill
Hearts swollen. There’s no room left for cold lovers.

And in the quiet of the nights,
she found that gentle guiding light.
Walking her slow and steady.

Always protected and increasingly ready.


Naughtiest when I’m alone by myself.
Caught up in my own fire, dabbling in motivated imagination.

The strap falls, the panty slips.
I’m free to faultier and bite my own lip.

You can come if you want to,
Be my guest to do everything we should do.

I like it when you are around me,
I balance myself, waiting for you to pull out all the dirty.

You know it’s there,
You know we should play.

You know emotions will try to fit in this silly game. ┬áBut they won’t