I am mind swept with you.

I am infatuated beyond my own understanding,

Needing to feed my patience for when I will feel you again.
It’s in the depths of my bones, I can feel your touch grazing my skin.

I’m caught in the mind frame of rapture.

The moments you show eagerness to please me.
Those moments that have come and gone and I am succulent.
Craving your closeness.
Giving and taking those energies of gratitude.

I am at ease with this.
Knowing the fear which you may bring has no face to my spiritual and carnal need of you,

And I am open.

Caught in your whirlpool

I had you worded like a love spell.
So quiet, so sweet.
Wrapping my body around you like a sex fiend,
I twisted my tongue around your tip.
Made you so far inside my mouth, I made my own eyes water.
I rolled with your wave, gave you what you needed, when you needed, right when you wanted it.
I stripped My body soulful, grasping for every inch of glory.
I wanted so bad, I didn’t even care to make you mine.
I just had to feel.


Stillness between movements finds the tension building…

Between the dark spaces of you and me I find light in your grazing fingertips.

Between the slow paced breath of us I find the comfort in your quiet lull.

Between the fluttering pace of heart beats I find the likeness deep in your eyes.

Between the soft pulse of your lips touching mine I find a space inviting us both to indulge and feel.

Between the small hours given between dusk and dawn I find myself feeling lovelier than ever for you.

You’re best at finding me delicate and open.

girl caught in your whirlpool

Thoughts engage me in silky memories of you.
You’re like a playlist that crawls beneath my skin,
My Eyes close with the thought of it.
My fingertips find my lips,
Tongue grazing the surface with thoughts.
I’m suffering from hunger,
A desperate need to taste you… And no one else will do.

And with the gentle glide and slide of slick wetness,
I find my neck, my collarbone, my hip.
I’m reaching for it, as if it were you.
I’m hooked.

Biting my own wrist,
I’m encompassed with a deep need and want,
And there’s no going back.

Eyes rolling, legs twisting tighter with the pillows between my legs,
I’m aching, suffering,
And Thinking of you play by play.

black light

I thought it’d be him. I can feel the sting still deep in my psyche.

I knew for sure it’d be him.

Until the time came to produce and felt nothing coming to me.

I thought it’d be the end.
I knew it deep down inside.
I knew for sure he could be my guiding light.

Until the room felt cold and I had to teach myself to reach no more.

And then there was you. There always was my black light.


I like your focus,
Given deliberate.
Courteous with thought, kind in movement.

I like your texture,
Curious with landscape
Hidden softly, carefully felt.

I like your sound,
Sweet symphony delivered with purpose.
Slow like honey, dripping with accuracy.

Tell me that you’re my magic. Then show me.