You know where to find me

Here I am,

here you’ll find me in the quiet of the night.
Hiding with the beats within the groove.
They’re molding me quietly into a perfect format of eager eyes and glistening lips.

Sullen to find, with an arched back and achy fingers,
Dripping with paint.

Waiting to wash themselves all over you.

And like the perfect canvas you are, I’m patiently blooming in every thought of you.

I’m patiently waiting to pull you up tight and close to me.
I’m patiently waiting to breathe you whole.

but why?

Why you hiding so much?
Perfectly uncomfortable, the only right space between us is when I melt into you.

Why you running so fast?
Like I won’t be able to catch up to you if I wanted to.

Too bad I don’t run for anyone but myself anymore.
So why don’t you sit, let us shed some light on eachother a little.

Why you so afraid?

Rest awhile, when the waiting time is good.

for you

I walk under water.
I bathe in your sunlight that peaks through these waves.
I breathe all our wetness. I soak in our dreams

For you I sleep in these tides
I wait in the heat of our moons
I wait for your arms to grab hold of me to never let me go

I wait for you to fall for me. You slink slowly with my wetness
You reach in and pull me tight against you

You make me yours


Gaining glory. One finger at a time.
I’m eagerly crawling, aiming to make you mine.
Whimsically blowing this smoke in the wind.
Begging shamelessly to see you again.

I want you.

I want like the waves need the moon.

I want you.

I want like the beats need the groove.

I’m wanting. So thoughtful in action.
Ohh the ache.

sweet moments

You are like magic.

You walked up to me, wrapped your arms around me.
Eyes fixed on me, you watched me.

Attention caught, you followed me. Payed attention to me, eyes loving only me.

And as I nervously moved around the room, aiming to entertain, only to please you,
you stayed calm in all my movements.
You smiled at my movements, wistful in my playfulness.
And once you finally caught me and simmered down my heat inside,
I gracefully melted into you.

Only for you.