sometimes intuition is a safety net.

sometimes its a cobweb

either way it can be overwhelming.

in the early morning hours, you realize you may not have slept.

and the reason for lack of sleep always depends on intuitions catch.

as you focus on the future and its bright light that shines on you

there always seems to be a current in the present.

and its not up to you to fix, its not something that will always hold you back

its a want for that question to answer itself.


there’s two roads to take.

keep the web and let it grow,  full of fear and uncertainty and distress and disability,

or own that safety net that focuses and protects and enables and  picks you right up onto your feet to keep you walking forward.

3 thoughts on “sometimes

  1. Really great poem! Thank you for sharing this with me (and the world of course ;))

  2. Hey I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out my channel in an hour or two to see the rules of this award.

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