Will you let me come to your light?
Let me breathe in your air,
Create in all your senses,
Let me believe in your space.

Will you?

Be my inspiration.
Let me be your distraction.
Let me make you mine.

Let me unfold.

I have a place for you.
A special place that’s clear and warm and soft and smooth.

It’s waiting for you to come in and grab hold of me.

It breathes water, feeds fire, it nourishes.
It shows my secrets, it keeps your secrets.

It blossoms in the dusk and the dawn.
It feeds the hungry, it caresses all your pawns.

I have a place for you, if you could only show me your face.
Take off that mask and I’d happily show you my place.

We could be happy.

And like the waves fall forward and pull back again,
No matter how far out it goes, no matter the land it can touch,
It will constantly come back wanting to kiss the sand.

Like a sweet salty ocean break, you move me.

It’s like the sky cracks open
and warm glowing lights spill out from between my legs with electric vibrations rushing through my veins,
pouring all over me,
all over you,
controlled by you,
only for you.
My breath is pulled out from my chest and I am taken to another planet,
all my senses erupt in ecstatic shivers filled with the best heat imaginable.
Your touch on me is magic.
I am surrounded by warm light.
And It’s heavenly.

Sitting in silence
I lay dormant. Patient in my internal battle.
I’m listening, I hear it all. I’m seeing it all, even when I don’t want to.
I’m delicate. So soft now.
I’m realizing I may, one day, want more from you than you can give me. But why would I want to let go of something that feels so good?
I don’t want to set myself up for heartache and disappointment.
I don’t want to let go of so much magic.
So I set myself on fire, even when I shouldn’t.
Even when I know not to.
I burn quietly in the discomfort.
So I can rise again like the Phoenix I am.

But inside I’m screaming.

Press the button, press the soft spot.

My eyes watching your movements
with my hands gliding slowly across the sides of you,
Gliding the edges of your skin.
I’m sliding along you.

I’m smelling you as my chest presses closely.
I’m feeling you, I’m concentrated.
I’m pushing softly now. Weight balanced, legs holding… my hands are loving.
I’m loving all of you, swimming across your skin.
I’m adoring all of it.

From the base of your back straight up your spine.

I’m kissing you, my tongue caressing every inch I can taste.
I’m folding in every shadow of you.
Please, never press stop.

Walking to my space, I greet you at the door.
Quietly holding back, quietly undressing you.
I satisfy the urge with soft kisses.
I feel you.

I’m delicate now, as I move through the motions, silent.
My words calculate my thoughts carefully.
I’m watching.

I’m selective and soft for it.
As I crawl upon you, in these dim lights that highlight your glory.
Inside, I am soothed.
I am balanced, and the noise around us is muted.

I’ll keep this up until it doesn’t feel good anymore.
I’ll do it until it hurts too much.
I’ll ride this wave until the water swallows me whole and your light goes out.
Then is when I’ll give no more.