no crowns

white turns black turns gray turns blue turns gray turns black again.

pure white is hiding.

behind the fake crowns, the blow out of girls translucent building.  they fake the fools.

you know they do.  its played out to the dummies that listen.

scratch the gold, and you see the rust that fakes that glisten.

if you could mind your cleverness and look for the silver.

quietly listening, always observing.  tired of the all that glimmer is gold nonsense.

the faces that smile, the grins that play just right.

yea you know you like it just right, as you fold into the perfect web of a wanted…reality.


play the fool all you want.

i wear no crown.  I am a woman, that wants nothing to do with a falsely adorned halo on her head.

i have my vices, and i proudly own them, because my virtues outweigh the rest.

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