two weeks

friend or foe

i heart you, did you know?

well, take your dreams, put them in a paper bag and pack them safe along side your perfectly shined shoes.

i see you’re catching the next train,  being whisked away with the wind again?

well, dont forget your jacket.. it gets cold at night these days.

bring your flashlight with you. sling it tight right up to the nose of it.

aiming to please.. they will cast their votes, but dont fret.

you will be safe still.

friend or foe

did you break your phone?

you left this right arm dangling in the wind, again.

well, it didnt need it. a warm fire would have been preferred.

so i’ll catch you on the next moonbeam. my star crossed lover.

with all the little people watching far below..

dont forget to write the love notes.

dont forget to send snapshots. paper airplanes to entertain us all.

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